About Our Club

Columbia Right to Life is an undergraduate, secular, student advocacy organization that seeks to create constructive dialogue around human life issues on Columbia University's campus. We are officially recognized by the Student Governing Board of Columbia University. 

As a club, CRTL focuses on discussion and dialogue as a means of bringing attention to issues surrounding human life including, but not at all limited to, fetal person-hood, abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia, among others. We have held discussions on everything from the atomic bombs to the Zika virus. 

Our club likes to think of itself as a "Think-Tank," brainstorming creative and holistic solutions to some of life's most difficult ethical questions. We come from diverse social and intellectual backgrounds, but most members share a common belief in the intrinsic value of human life.

We pride our club on being an open space for dialogue, and welcome those with opinions of any kind to join our discussions. By talking with each other, and listening in turn, we hope to find truth in some of life's most complicated problems.