Panel Discussion: Transcending Partisan Politics

            Thanks to the Human Life Review, members of the Columbia community were able to listen to a panel of experts discuss nonpartisan approaches to talking about pro life issues, mainly that of abortion. The panel which included Charles Camosy (professor at Fordham University), Carol Crossed (activist,founder of Feminists for Nonviolent Choices, and president of the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum), Molly Hemingway (journalist and senior editor for The Federalist),Maria Mafucci (director of the Human Life Review), and moderator Christopher White (director of Catholic Voices),  highlighted how pro lifers exist on both sides of the party line though conservatives are often able to be more vocal about their views than their liberal counterparts who are frequently silenced and ostracized by the rest of their party. From speaking about the way in which movies can surprisingly reveal how connected the American subconscious is to pro life values to how principles espoused by many pro lifers today are in line with important core values of the early feminist movement, the panelists strove to tear down the politically motivated misconceptions which often limit pro life v. pro choice debates. It was clear that all of the experts push the boundaries of the narrow, stereotypical image of pro lifers with their everyday commitment to the cause, and possibly the greatest takeaway from the event was that, though possessing different political ideologies, they were able to show how boxing people in with pro life and pro choice labels does not do justice to the complex concerns people have about issues of life or to what is really at stake for those affected by these issues.

-Aurora C. CC'20